Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 3/22

Not much time to write now, as I have an interview this morning... and I still need to get a haircut, shave, shower, and get to the city. My friend who just got engaged in LA crashed here last night after his plane was delayed for a couple of hours before having an originally unplanned stopover in Kansas - fun fun, right? A good friend of mine who is a very talented photographer took the pictures at this friend's engagement party - and they're really great shots. Wish I could have been there...

A few others have roundups of sorts today - Daled Amos has his usual midweek middle of the night roundup which is quite good, Judeopundit has his Linkim, and SoccerDad puts together some of the posts on the Israeli elections and Coke Blak, along with some carnivals. Included is the Kosher Cooking Carnival, which will next be hosted by Sarah (she of the beautiful images) - be sure to send in your submissions!

And now, on to the rest of the roundup...

*Post of the Day*
Great catch by Meryl Yourish.
Treppenwitz has a hilarious post on... toilet size. Kind of. :)

Avi Green notes that ex-President Carter is furthering his lack of credibility. This one's pretty outrageous.

Stacey gets hiJacked by a monkey. Ha!

An old but good post by Pragmatician.

Robbie questions himself - touching post...

AOL contacts JBM, who has a few worthwhile links because of it.

CrossCurrents discusses the issue of charedim not voting in the WZO elections... and I'm inclined to disagree on this one.

As usual, DryBones puts things into perspective.

LifeinIsrael notes the hypocrisy of the UTJ e-mail campaign.

SephardiLady wonders about whether we should prioritize our tzedaka.


  1. Hey Ez,

    Good luck on the interview!

    I called out your name on my latest post on the 'Jester... would love to hear your thoughts.

  2. Good luck on your interview (and with the haircut, as well!) : )

  3. Thanks all! Interview went very well, I believe.

    Croak, I'll check it out.

  4. thanks for letting me crash at your place for a couple of hours this morning....hope the interview went well!

  5. good luck for the interview. it's the waiting to hear back that's the annoying part but you have blogging to keep you occupied :)

    thanks for the link too!