Wednesday, March 08, 2006

KCC Reminder


Since I'm going to be hosting... please submit recipes and tips for Kosher Cooking Carnival #3 to serandez at verizon dot net. The KCC will appear Thursday night, right here at SerandEz.

Remember, if you've got ideas for the Purim Seudah or easy things to make for Shaloch Manos, be sure to send them in!! I've got a couple of those...

Batya, the originator, says...
The one and only Ezzie of SerandEz has volunteered to host the Third Kosher Cooking Carnival. So send serandez at verizon dot net your links of "anything kosher."
  • recipes
  • memories
  • traditions
  • holiday menus
  • cookbook and restaurant reviews

just anything, as long as it's kosher!

So get cookin', postin', and e-mailin'!

Here are links to KCCs #1 and #2.

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  1. donate a family recipe, or choose something more mundane...that is the question