Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 3/7: Parody This! (A-I)

Wow - I'm cracking up reading all the parodies that are out there - so much so that I'm going to give them their own post after this one. Jameel, you deserve some kind of award for "Best Original Idea" for this year - which sucks for Life-of-Rubin, whose J-Blogger Interviews would have won in any other year. Of course, since I just made that award up, perhaps they'll battle for a JIB in "Best Series".

Anyways... time for a roundup. To all my loyal readers... I apologize. My blogging lately has been pretty substandard. I've been a bit busy with the jobhunt and all, and frankly, I haven't even had a chance to read most of the blogs I normally do, let alone think of a post. For me, I often enjoy the reading more than the writing (these roundups are a reflection of that to an extent). On the other hand, there's been so much fun stuff out there the last couple of days thanks to the Purim Parodies and all that I haven't had any desire to do much but read those when I come online, anyway. All right - clearly, I'm too tired to be posting now, so I'm just going to try and do this roundup and get to bed. (And the roundup on the parody of me? Awesome. Great job, Purim Ezzie...)

Here we go, from the A-I portion of the blogroll:
*Post of the Day* Irina has a terrible dream, and yet learns an incredible life lesson from it.

That one barely beat out a few other incredible ones - this roundup is another good one, IMO...

Oleh Chadasha links to an absolutely astounding video. A secular Arab woman gets on Al-Jazeera (I believe) and completely takes Islam to task. Brilliant. As OC noted, "Hope she's not killed for this..."

Speaking of Islam, here's Daled Amos' take on the "religion of peace."

Great video from Hayom of the story of a black convert who raps in 5 languages - he's really good...

Hypocrisy abounds: Ze'ev wonders why we're not as proud of our beliefs as Muslims; EoZ questions the NYTimes' stated views, and why they only apply one way. He then wonders about the upcoming movies Hollywood should make - think they'll go for it? Me neither.

IfYouWillIt writes a letter, explaining why we should make aliyah: It's good for you. Very convincing, I must say...

GerTzadik tells all the awkward situations a convert-to-be faces while on their quest. Glad he's able to laugh them off...!

Meanwhile, E-Kvetcher wonders if some pretty pointed situations could possibly be coincidences.

Ezer K'Negdo wants to be a bag lady - not at the supermarket, but in life.
Check it out!

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  1. Thanks for the link - and the place of honor! : )

  2. I really felt that the video needed to get out there. Thanks for helping out on that.

  3. Ezzie: Thanks for the award nomination.

    For the life of me, I can't understand why no one wants to interview ME?!

    I'm not worried though. The purim parody idea is a drop in the bucket compared to what I'm dreaming up.


  4. Jameel - Uhoh. Now I'm getting scared...

    I thought for sure someone did you! Had I known, I'd have done it...