Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 3/12: Doing Everyone Else's Work

I usually don't put up roundups close to Haveil Havalim, but I think that Jack has most of Haveil Havalim ready by now, and he's great about finding blogs that I have never heard of, so hopefully this won't double up with any links of his. If it does... sorry!

Sorry, I know I said I'd continue the story of how I met Serach motzei Shabbos, but it was a bit hectic last night - and will be today as well. I'm helping a friend with some of his law school work, and I need to help someone else out with an essay for English Composition. (Which leads to Serach wondering why I have time to help other people with their work, but never feel like doing my own. I actually have a simple answer for this, but I digress...) Then of course I have to get my March Madness pool up and running smoothly (this is important), and have the draft in the one fantasy league I'm probably ever going to be in. It's basically 12 guys, of whom I know a little over half, and the league is a great excuse to trash talk and keep in touch with old friends.

I'm also skipping the first test in the last accounting course I'm taking; we have the option of missing one, and taking the average of the next two scores. I didn't really want to use it now, but there are only 4 tests: This, a midterm, another test, and a final. You can't miss the final, which leaves the other three. If you miss the third test, then your final score will be the score for the third test; this could come back to bite you. If you miss the midterm, the final and third test would be averaged - this could be good, this could be bad. By skipping this one, the midterm and third test will be averaged for this score.

Will this be better than taking this one? Not quite sure, but I think so: I share a book with a friend, and haven't had time to use it yet, and he'll surely be using it today - plus, I don't know if I'll have time to look at the material today. On top of that, this course is a review course of major aspects of financial accounting, which I generally know. This test, however, includes some material I know very well, but it also includes pensions - possibly the subject I know the least - and I missed it when we did it in class. The other tests should be material I have a much better grasp of. As it was, my friends thought I was way ahead on the stuff I did know, which portends well for the future...

Anyways, on to the roundup:

*Blog of the Day*
Pearlies of Wisdom has lots of pearls today, so just read them all.
*Post of the Day*
Sometimes, even giving someone mashed potatoes can be meaningful.
Daled Amos wonders whether we can ever truly make an impact.
The Godol Hador notes that the Charedim are out of control: Wanting to create seperate areas and enterances for men and women by the Kotel. This is getting nuts.

JoeSettler runs down the best Israeli TV ads for the elections - on this, the Charedim do quite well.

Ze'ev questions the positive attitude in Israel... this time, for adultery?!
Before you groan, these are interesting, both by On the Main Line... an article in the Jewish Observer taking the gedolim to task a bit, and an open letter from a student in Chaim Berlin to R' Aaron Shechter.
Worthy of discussion:
Krum questions the wisdom in charging for online shiurim; SephardiLady tells husbands to rethink drinking very much on Purim; and BeyondBT asks about living 'B'Dieved' lives.
Acharon acharon chaviv... Congratulations!
Irina gets accepted to law school! And DovBear hits 500,000 page views - wow.

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