Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 3/2

First, a public request: Can someone find the members of Bloghead?! I hope everything is all right with Miriam & Paul. Best of luck to them. Bloghead was one of the first three J-blogs I ever stumbled across, and Bloghead in particular helped me to find other J-blogs through its extensive blogroll.

I was also incredibly impressed by one person's kindness today. A relative had a possible job lead for me, so I sent my resume along with an e-mail to the lead. This person - who is quite busy - took some time to reformat and edit my resume in a way that would make it look better for the job I'm applying for. Then this person did so a second time. They have no clue who I am, and never heard of me until I e-mailed them - and they were still at work at 10pm, and they're helping me with my resume. Incredible.

Anyways, a short roundup tonight:

PsychoToddler makes a siyum!! Mazel Tov! And the PT is very cute at OKS. Both are videos.

Krum has written the hilarious Hilchos I-Pod for the Five Towns. Heh. :)

Tel-Chai Nation questions his favorite, the National Union, and its campaigning.

WestBankMama tells how an anti-Semitic joke set her on her life's path. Sick but powerful.

Treppenwitz wonders how to teach children to be worried about certain neighbors without instilling hatred.

E-Kvetcher has a strange dream.

Meryl Yourish has an interesting breakdown of the UAE sponsoring people coming to visit Israel. Funny, if it weren't so sad...

Elie points to fresh tragedies for bloggers. Baruch Dayan Emes.

RafiG rounds up the happenings in Israel very well - check out #3 in particular. He's also got an inspiring story about a burst pipe.

Shifra answers some "Ask Shifra" Q's.

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  1. Nice round-up... and thank you for including me.

  2. Thanks for the link and corresponding "ez-burst" in hits!

  3. This should clear up once and for all that I am NOT the PT.

  4. I did not see Paul in shul last Shabbos but then again, I could of just missing seeing him.

  5. WBM, Trep, Elie - My pleasure.

    PT - You'd think so, right?

    Avrom - Weird... hope e/t is okay.

  6. Ezzie check out my blog you have been tagged!