Friday, March 03, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 3/3: Praying for each other

Ouch. Pounding headache, and can't sleep properly, so this one may be disjointed. Excuse the disorganization...

Growing up, I was always taught that while God answers our prayers for ourselves and what we want and need, he answers more quickly when we pray for others. In addition, by praying for others sincerely, God will "reward" us and give us whatever we were praying for the other people to have; if we prayed that someone's family member return to full health, then often our own family member would. If we prayed that someone else's business be successful, ours would be. This attitude encourages people to care about each other's welfare, as it affects one's own welfare as well. Nobody minds if others succeed, as long as they're succeeding to...

Tonight's roundup struck me as being along those lines somewhat:

*Post of the Day*
Well, this one. Excluding that, however... AirTime points to a beautiful post by NoahDaddy about raising an autistic child. A must read.
People to Pray for:
Shifra, who just got axed.

Cruisin' Mom says Pearl's dad needs it.
AbbaGav wonders what the obsession the media has with following the claims of Palestinian 'victims' in news stories, along the lines of what was posted here. Hilarity ensues.

WestBankMama compares two news stories on the same story. Which one is biased?
Needin' Some Prayin':
Apparently, all of us, according to Jerry Falwell. Ask Elder of Ziyon.

This poor sheep, in one of the strangest blog posts I've ever read, by Life in Israel. WARNING: Graphic!!
Daled Amos discusses thoroughly how the US meddles with Israeli elections.

Meanwhile, Avi points out that the Likud is the first Israeli party to actually allow voters to hold candidates responsible. This is a big development.
Beautiful pictures from posts I haven't read, because my head hurts too much now to read... but I'm sure they're just as good as the pictures in them. :)

Treppenwitz has stunning helicopter and flower shots in Israel; Suburban Hymns has Welsh views and architecture down pat.

And Jack may be in your pictures - that sneaky bastard.
Good Crys, Bad Crys:
Elie wants to know what makes you cry, now that he's told what gets him.

Does beautiful music get you? Try BeyondBT's sample.

How about great poems? Shira's got a thinking one about perspective.

Perhaps it's Brokeback Mountain? Yitzchok Adlerstein takes on Brokeback in interesting fashion; this causes Robbie to discuss a bit of gay fashion and why Gay is better than Ultra-Orthodox.
And what's a good prayer post without a eulogy? Gil links to a great one for Gilligan, Scotty of Star Trek, and Barney Fife with "important life lessons." A great read.

Layla Tov!!

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  1. Ezzie: thanks for the link, on behalf of Pearl.
    This is a really nice post.

  2. CM - Sure.

    Irina - Thanks. I'm sure blogging will make all the pain go away... ;)

  3. Thanks for sending me to NoahDaddy's blog. I left him links to Z's series and my own series on raising a child with disabilities.

    Thanks for reminding me to go to Shifra's blog and post best wishes for a new job.

    And thanks for the link to my poem.

  4. Shira - Thanks, that was very sweet of you. And my pleasure.

  5. Thank you for the link Ezzie, and feel better...