Thursday, March 16, 2006


The last few days have been a bit hectic here at SerandEz... Purim was our calm day! I was helping a friend draft his arguments for law school for a while this week (see, you finally got mentioned), along with helping another guy write the last paper he needs to graduate. This morning, I drove my friend to the airport at 5am - he's flying out to LA a day early to surprise and propose to the girl he's been dating!! :) Woohoo!! He's one of two good friends getting engaged today, and it works out quite well. He left me his car for the next 5-1/2 days, which means I can drive to the other one's engagement party - otherwise I'd have missed it. His own engagement party will be in LA, which means I couldn't go anyway; but at least Serach's sister will be dropping off something on our behalf since we're not there.

Then, of course, there's the (other) real madness: March Madness!! As of last count, there were 50 sheets in the pool I run, and anywhere from 20-50 more sheets coming in from Chofetz Chaim and Lander right before the games begin. 1st place could be getting $300 or more, the way things are looking... very nice. It would be especially nice if I would win, considering I don't pay for my first sheet. This is the first time I'm doing multiple brackets (3 each in my pool and my brother-in-law's), and it's primarily because Ohio State has a #2 seed. I have to pick them to win a bracket in each pool, because... well, because that's who I'm rooting for, and since they're a #2 seed, they actually have a decent shot. But... I have to do my regular bracket, too. So now I have 6 brackets, with 4 different winners (UConn twice, Ohio St. twice, Villanova, and Texas, unless I change one to Duke just to cover myself - but I hate Duke).

Will I win? Who cares! (Okay, I do, and Serach would be pretty happy.) It's entertaining to watch and follow every year - last year, I watched the first 3 rounds on my computer; this year, I have to see what I'll do.

Let the Madness begin!!


  1. Ezzzzieeeee: why didn't you come to L.A. with him?

  2. CM - I have a pool to run!! :)

    Anon - Marquette, U-Wisconsin, UWM all hold special places in my heart, but...


  3. Oh yeah, Mr. EK has already filled his out - he is a HUGE "Coach K" fan, so I am guessing he is going for Duke. Not that I've looked - I'm allergic. :-)

    But yes, go Buckeyes!

  4. Finally, it's working! I NEED MY FIX! : P

  5. Irina - until your msg came to my inbox, I didn't even know it was back! :)

  6. oh panic...blogs not working the other day :P

    motzei shabbat now... phew, it's all working again!

    not being american, what sport is the pool for? football? basketball?

    and mazal tov for your friend/s! lovely news (esp about the LA one :)