Saturday, March 04, 2006

Shabbos With A Blogger

Xvi (R) - NY came for Shabbos, and as he's still sitting here next to me, I have to be nice. Shabbos was crappy wonderful. We had a terrible great time discussing how to properly skin a cat reminsicing about old times. But Plus, he did bring beautiful flowers and an excellent wine (Herzog Chenin Blanc 2003 Late Harvest), so it was bearable which was really nice.

Shua, where the heck were you!?


  1. Hey Ezzie, I think I need to learn how to make those "cross-out" lines.
    Glad you had a crappy (oops) nice shabbos.

  2. CM - you have to do it in the HTML part... you put(del) in front and (/del) at the end of whatever you want to do it for, but use the < not (.

  3. Glad you had such a terrible... er... wonderful time!

  4. Wow. I feel honored that I got a shout out on Ezzie's blog. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I am really busy with school, work and a million of my friends simchas. Oh and my parents like me home every once in a while too. But one of these day I will be able to particpate in the exquisite shabbos that Serandez present in their humble home. Looking foward!