Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup: PURIM!!!!!

Continuing from the previous post, which had a bunch of great posts, here are the things to keep in mind for Purim that other people talked about... (most of these are very short, so don't think this will take you all day - and some might even give you a few good pieces of Purim Torah!)

The best post on Purim this year:
Orthomom's. Don't let Purim get out of hand - and I'm not talking about drinking at all.
Orthonomics has it much simpler than her mentor.

Orthomom has another good one about not being stupid.

Gil goes through the halachos of tying your shoelaces according to all shittos - heh.

PsychoToddler gets up too early... which may explain this post. Gotta love the pics!

RenReb's pic is similar... and it's like an anti-rant, which is fitting for Purim. Or it was, until the middle. Which reminds me: This post was incredible.

Sarah may have the best pic of all (not surprising, considering it's a photoblog...) <*8-D

Stacey's kids are CUTE!

SoccerDad explains the past week's Haftorah - fascinating.

Treppenwitz has a touching post.

Judith has a whole bunch of good links.

I think you have to be in YU to get LabRab's... because I'm lost. :)

Pearl, Shoshana, and I'm sure all the rest of the J-Blogosphere all say... HAPPY PURIM!!!
Enjoy!! :)

PS Sorry if I left anyone out... but just take a drink, and you won't know the difference. Just do it responsibly, mmkay? Chag Sameach!!


  1. just perusing blog-world while waiting for our seuda to be ready... thanks for the mention!!!

    chag sameach :)

  2. Awww, thanks for the shout-out!