Monday, March 13, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, Pre-Purim: Things To Keep In Mind

I've had a major headache all day, rare for Ta'anis Esther (the fast of Esther), which is one of the easiest fasts of the year. Hence the lack of blogging today... but that hasn't stopped others from blogging about the fast and the most fun holiday of the year, which begins in about 45 minutes. A few of them have important reminders and points about Purim and Ta'anis Esther, so please take the time (if you have it!) to check them out.

DovBear tells us why we fast today.

E-Kvetcher gives us some perspective on the fast.

DryBones tells us about Purim in his usual cartoon form.

A beautiful story by Shtender of Hayom - plus a couple pictures.

MCAryeh reminds us all to keep in mind that which makes us happy.

Maven Yavin has a nice case of V'nahapoch Hu - Elder of Ziyon is just flipped out.

R' Horowitz of BeyondBT reminds us of all the reasons NOT to let children smoke, even on Purim.

CharlieHall learns an important lesson from the Megillah.

Chana has a couple fun links and the most important thing to buy for Purim this year. Heh.

Some drinking advice from R' Zev Kahn on BeyondBT.

A d'var Torah from R' Lam on BeyondBT explaining why the Megillah must be read in order.

Elie says be a good example to all those around you. They're paying attention.
There are more, but I gotta run to Ma'ariv - Chag Sameach!!! Eat, drink, and be merry - but keep your head on, please! WOOOHOOO!!!!