Monday, March 20, 2006

A Sad Day

No, no, nothing serious. But it's still a sad day.
Paul Tagliabue is retiring as NFL commissioner in July after more than 16 years on the job. The 65-year-old commissioner has led the league since 1989, when he succeeded Pete Rozelle, and agreed last March to stay to complete the television and labor deals.
The NFL is by far the best sport in the country, if not the world. This is primarily because of how well it is run - keeping both owners and players happy while providing the best possible product to fans, along with a true belief that any team can have a shot at a championship within a couple of years - if not every year. It will be sad to see Tagliabue go... and though I *wish*, my mother's questioning e-mail will *not* be happening:
Which one of my sons is applying for this job?

SPORTS / PRO FOOTBALL | March 20, 2006
Tagliabue to Retire as N.F.L. Commissioner
Paul Tagliabue, who has presided over the league during a period of remarkable prosperity, will retire in July after more than 16 years on the job.
Apparently, since it's happening this year, it won't be Condoleeza Rice's, either. A shame, because she really wanted the job, and she'd probably be really good at it...