Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Israel Lobby

Though pretty much everyone under the sun has written a response to or comment on the recent idiocy from Harvard, this article in today's Wall Street Journal is a nice sum up of the issue at hand. One great line at the end that is worth quoting directly:
Americans don't support Israel because of the strength of any lobby; Israel earns American support the hard way, for the very reasons the Boston cabbie cited several decades ago.
Read the whole thing.

The best specific response I saw, by the way (and there were many good ones) was in Monday's Best of the Web. A quote from there - again, read the whole thing:
Walt and Mearsheimer's method of analysis presumes Israel's guilt. Every past or present Israeli transgression is evidence of its wickedness, whereas Arab ones, if they are acknowledged at all, are "understandable." This approach paints a highly misleading picture. It is anti-Semitic in effect if not in intent.