Monday, March 27, 2006

Behind The Name, and Update

Thank you again to all the commenters, linkers, signers, and the like who've wished us mazel tov - we really appreciate it and are quite flattered. Most importantly, they brought extra smiles to myself and Serach - so thank you very much. Serach and the baby are still in the hospital and doing very well, thank God - it was a C-section, so they'll be there until tomorrow. I came hope to get some sleep and take care of a few things today (no, no, not a blog roundup... ;) ), but figured I'd post this quickly.

There are many more details and the like to come iyH, but in the meantime... a quick explanation of Elianna's name. The name Elianna is not for anybody; we really like the name, and very much like what it means (my God answers her/answered her). It means something now (and in the past) for Serach, and it means something for Elianna in the future. Serach also really liked the name Rachel (as did I), and wanted that as the middle name. Add in that Rachel Imeinu (the matriarch) is famous for having her prayers answered, and it has a further meaning that fits well with Elianna. I very quickly noted that it is also the name of my aunt, Rochel/Rochelle Goldish, who passed away about two and a half years ago, and as I was very close with her when I was in Israel for two years, it would be nice to be naming the baby in her honor as well. I hope to write more about her at some point in the future as well; she was truly an incredible woman.

Pictures and more to come soon!