Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Purim Parody Battles!

I'm too busy laughing to post much today. The parody blogs are battling each other much like the blogs they parody normally do, and it's hilarious. Not Necessarily the Godol Hador is battling DovBear "the Humble", who's battling back while arguing with Purim Ezzie (whose latest post was hysterical!).

And the other ones are just as funny, too, and many keep getting updated. I've added the Purim parody blogroll [courtesy of Jameel!] to my sidebar (only on the mainpage), and you can too if you want to keep yourself updated on whatever's out there. Change the ( ) to < >.

(script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="")

Anyways, I think we all owe a thank you and Yiasher Kochacha to Jameel for this incredible idea. I'm having a lot of fun reading them, and I'm not telling you who I'm going to be spoofing (or already am!) - but I'm having lots of fun.

And Purim Ezzie, whoever you are... awesome. :)