Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 3/21: Ha!

I just spent the last little bit catching up on my blog-reading (woah), and there were some outstanding posts out there. Which is, quite simply, why there's no roundup today. It would be like doing Haveil Havalim on one of the craziest weeks, but even bigger. That's nuts! Therefore, apologies to those who've sent in submissions (and to everyone else, you're always welcome to!), but I'm starting fresh today/tomorrow.

And, I keep saying I'm going to continue the story of How I Met Serach, and I will - as soon as I have a chance to sit down and write it! For a number of reasons, I want to not only write it well, but make sure that it's as accurate as possible. I don't want to skip anything important, either, which is tricky, as some parts flow into later parts, even though they're weeks apart.

Throw in that things are quite busy around here, thanks to all the engagements and the like around here, and it's just incredibly hectic. I think we now have over 10 weddings coming up of friends whom we're really close with - and we're not the type to call everyone our close friends. This should be the only problem I have! :)

And now, on to the roundup:
Umm, did you not read the beginning? It said: Which is, quite simply, why there's no roundup today. Really, it's quite straightforward.
Have a great day!