Thursday, March 02, 2006

Album Meme

JewishBlogMeister tagged me with this meme, and thankfully, it's a short one, so here goes:

What album are you currently listening to, and what do you like about it?
Tricky, because I'm not listening to an album. AIM Triton has XM radio built in, and other people seem to have almost all my music. But right now I'm listening to a station called "Pop Idols", which is blah overall but includes at least one very good album, so I'll use that.

Album: Carrie Underwood's Some Hearts.

Why: Good, uplifting, pleasant music and lyrics; and her voice is simply incredible.
Who I'm tagging: DovBear, Chana, CopyEditor, ZionReport, and CrossCurrents' Yaakov Menken.

UPDATES: EditCopy's done it.