Monday, March 06, 2006

I've Been Mocked!!

As the Purim parodies continue, a PurimSerandEz site has been created as well. And, I've got to admit, it's really really good. An excerpt:

Blog Loading Slowly?

As many of you know, this blog usually loads slowly. I don't know if it's because of all of the posts I have, since I churn out roughly 20 a day, or if it's the abnormal amount of links in my side bar. Either way, I'm sure that there are some great J-Bloggers out there who can help.

Later today I'll be sure to do one of my blog round-ups on the subject. You can submit your posts on the subject to me now!
I have my guesses as to who it might be, but I'll hold off until I see a bit more. Check out every part of the sidebar, too: Whoever this was paid excellent attention to detail. :) They've got me down to the colors in the roundups, the way I say things, and even the dropdown menus on the side. Hilarious!

Go to the Muqata to check out all the other blogs being parodied... Last I checked, Godol Hador, RenReb, WestBankMama, and OlehGirl had been spoofed today!