Thursday, March 02, 2006


Today was a really rough day, no thanks to Touro's inability to hire [edit:] qualified office staff. Instead of spending the day calling and e-mailing job leads, I spent it arguing with someone about sending me my own loan money - money I should have received a month ago. Thank God, in the end, they said they'd send out the check today or tomorrow, and more money as soon as my other class is added.

So what did I learn today? Don't trust incompetent people. Depressingly, I learned more and more that you cannot count on people to do their jobs - and often, there's nothing you can do to make them. I discovered that people will lie to protect their reputations rather than admit a simple mistake. I learned that people will tell you one thing, and then, shortly after discovering that this isn't convenient for their boss or co-worker, will claim it never happened.

I rarely hate. But I discovered that I have a limit to my patience, which IMHO is normally quite a high threshold to cross. People not doing their jobs simply because they're incompetent and lazy get me close to the edge.

Liars push me over it.