Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Paodies Galore!

These are all pretty funny in my opinion, and it's nice to see that the authors are adding stuff once in a while, too. I thought it would just be a post parody here and there - clearly, they've each turned this into true parody blogs. Anyways, a quick listing because Jameel is a bit busy today:

AskShifra vs. Askin' Shifra.

Frum Female Struggle vs. Female Frum Struggle?

Random Thoughts - Do they have meaning? vs. Random Posts - Do they have meaning?

DovBear vs. DovBear's Treehouse

SerandEz vs. PurimSerandEz

WestBankBlog vs. WestBanking Glob

Not the Godol Hador vs. Not Neccessarily the Godol Hador

RenegadeRebbetzin vs. PurimRenReb

Oleh Girl vs. Oleh Gurl

Mirty's Place vs. Not Mirty's Place

Orthomom vs. PurimOrthomom