Friday, March 17, 2006

Boss Button

It's not my fault that I haven't blogged since early yesterday - Blogger had to "replace filers" that were bad, so I couldn't access my blog for the last day or so. I'm also a bit busy right now, doing very important things - like watching Ohio State vs. Davidson. Yesterday's games were craaaaazy.....!!

Of the 79 brackets in my pool, 3 have lost a Final Four team - and one lost his champion (Syracuse). All of my brackets are doing pretty well so far - I had Montana on 2 of 6, and UW-Milwaukee, where I almost took classes when I was in 11th grade, on 3 or 4 of my brackets.

All right - back to the game! CBSSportsline lets you watch online for free any game that's not on TV where you are, which means you can watch three of the four at every time slot, switching back and forth. And, as my friend pointed out, they have a feature called the "BOSS BUTTON". If you're at work, and your boss is coming by, you hit the Boss Button and an extensive spreadsheet pops up to show that you're "hard at work".

Pure genius.

UPDATE: Iowa goes down, which is pretty good for me - I had NW State in a couple brackets, and Iowa out by the Sweet 16 in all of them I believe.

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  1. Another crazy upset! Help! Oh and since I seee that you didnt put up a cool video on friday in the spirit of march madness I think this would be appropiate.