Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Busy Life

Everytime I think life is finally straightening out and getting into a rhythm, something else comes in and wrenches it right back to chaos. Thinking back, I don't think I've gone an extended period of time with a "normal" set schedule since 7th grade. In the 10 years since, there have been short spurts where it seemed things would somehow become "normal" - but that never ended up materializing. To some extent, it's frustrating: once in a while, you just want to get into a good, solid, set routine. You want to know that tomorrow, you're going to get up, go do the same thing you do every day, and come home.

And yet... I'm happy. I'm not sure I was ever cut out for doing anything in standard fashion. I enjoy getting called on to take care of problems when there's almost no time left - it gives me challenges to face when otherwise I might be bored. I'm able to help others where most others can't, I get to use skills that otherwise wouldn't be used, and I get to have fun. Possibly most important of all, I get to bring calm, relief and smiles to people, whether they're good friends or people I've never even met.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to my sister-in-law SIL on the phone. She had posted the Brekher post right around then, and thanks to a few links from others, traffic here jumped a bit - from about 650-700 page views a day to 975 in one day. I didn't understand: Why do I get so many hits a day to begin with? I'd love to say it's my writing, but I don't think I write what I'd call a really good post more than a couple times a week. There are plenty of decent ones, sure, but the good ones rarely get any comments, while the roundups and other posts will almost always get a few. So what keeps people coming back?

SIL answered me simply: This blog is positive. For many people, a blog is where they express their frustrations or complain about issues, where they discuss things that bother them, or a place where they can pretend to be someone. For me, that's simply not the case. I blog because I actually like to. I enjoy reading, I enjoy writing, and have a good time, period.

Woah - falling asleep at the computer... to be continued...


  1. SIL is right!
    that's why i keep coming back, i know that there's always going to be something interesting or amusing there :)

  2. Many of your posts seem to be written in the middle of the night-do you ever sleep? How do you function during the day?

    I agree with SIL. You seem like a happy person and your blog reflects that, making it a nice place to visit.

  3. I keep coming back because I hope you'll do T'shuvah.

    I mean, a Republican in my family?


    Seriously though, s'cause I fear the Wrath of 'Rach.

    (Hey, cna you link to my blog? I'm trying to break a thousand a day.)



  4. Ezzie - not only are you nice, but you seem to be the "yenta" of the Jewish blogosphere (and I mean that in a good way!). You always know what is going on, and point others to interesting blog posts that they wouldn't find themselves.

  5. Ezzie, I'm hooked! What I enjoy about your blog is that you have so much to say, you have an opinion, you are well read, you are generous in the way you direct people to read other's blogs you enjoy, and you are funny. Hopefully you ARE a really nice person, because that's what comes through in your writing.

  6. Sarah - Thanks! We're here to serve the customers... unless we're not in the mood. :)

    Anon - Sle-what? What's that? The simple answer is that I generally don't need that much sleep. Starting in high school, I generally average about 5 hours a night - but I've gone a few weeks averaging about 2-1/2 and been fine. Thanks for the very kind words.

    Mordechai - LOL! Ya know, I believe it was my FIL who had a great line about your father being a Democrat: "I never understood how someone so smart could be so dumb." :) Heh.

    Beware the wrath of 'Rach! Sure, what's the link? Send me an email to THIS email address. I mean, family is family, even if you're a crazy immoral liberal. :)

    WBM - Thank you! That's quite flattering!

    CM - Thank you! In real life, I'm actually quite a jerk; you know what they say, everyone hides under a facade online. ;) I kid - my mother recently said my greatest talent is... (I was waiting for something about being logical) that I get along with everybody. Who knew?! :)

  7. Mothers are always right, you know.

  8. I second westbankmama's "yenta" comment. You're always linking to interesting posts (and some of them are mine, so I'm partial :)). If you'll pardon the anachronistic terminology, you're really a great switchboard operator, and a nice one, too.

  9. I, for one, am keeping coming back to see whether Serach will leave any more comments! ; )

  10. I don't think you're all that special, but I read you anyway.

  11. Irina & Robbie - LOL!

    CM - Always? Hmmm...

    Subway Sally - I've never been called a switchboard operator before, that's for sure... ;)

  12. Ezzie,

    It's linked in all my comments.