Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Nobody Will Marry Him"

Why is this a factor? This attitude must be changed:
Two Orthodox Jewish men have come forward to say they were molested by a Brooklyn counselor who was indicted in the 1980s for sexually abusing kids but skipped to Israel before he could be prosecuted.
Retired Detective Salvator Catalfumo said the investigation "began with an anonymous caller who said there was a rabbi living on the street molesting children.

"It was very difficult pursing this case," he recalled. "The Hasidic community wanted no part of this. We were told that if a Hasidic kid was molested, no parent would allow their daughter to [marry him]."
Let's let a child molester go free because it "might ruin a shidduch"?! Sadly, I know all too well that this happens consistently. A child molester I know of is free today because nobody was willing to testify against him, for the same reasons. He then went and molested even more children, none of whom had parents who had them testify.

All too often, in these cases, these molested children grow up and molest others. In some cases, those who are molested are never able to seek proper treatment, because their family is too concerned with their future shidduch, and they end up with ruined marriages [sometimes molesting others even while they are married].

The selfishness of those who won't let their children testify for the sole reason of "ruining shidduchim" is disgusting. They are in a very difficult situation, and I could understand not wanting to testify for other reasons. But because of your child's shidduch you'll allow countless people's lives to be ruined!? Disgusting.