Monday, July 10, 2006

In Progress...

The next two months at Casa Goldish our going to be both very busy and very much not busy - at the same time. It's hard to explain that one, but the basic idea is this: There is much that needs to be done (finding a new apartment, moving into it, etc.) that will make things busy, but many of those things can only be done at certain times in the future which are not yet known. Then there are those things which need to be done at some point over the next months, but there is no "set" time to do them.

The same is basically true of this blog of mine. There is much I want to do, much that is going to be done... but since it's a blog, there's no "set" time to have it all done by. I want to reorganize the sidebar, I want to link to some of the better posts I've written or some of my personal favorites, I'd like to add some features. I'd really like to update my blogroll, which is way out of date. Ever since I started reading through a feed, I stopped fixing the 'roll, and that's a mistake. There are plenty of excellent blogs that should be there already, and many others that might be soon. I've been lurking on many blogs (old and new) lately, and some have impressed me, others touched me.

I really want to get back to writing about How I Met Serach.

I finally updated the guest posts lists, which is nice; but I'd like to update the rest of the drop-downs and add the other categories as well. I'd *really* like to change the layout: Most importantly, I don't need the whole page to load for post pages, but I want to keep the drop-downs and I have to keep the ads. Anybody know what tags I need to exclude something from the post pages only?

I may switch to a 3-column layout, though I think I've done so much changing around here that it's no longer possible. I'm quite happy with how J-Blogosphere came out, with the help of Chaim & Sarah, and I want to do similar things here. I also want to develop Serach's Scarves before Serach kills me, and start writing short blurbs about some of the blogs I read (ala McAryeh and Irina).

So what's my point? Well... if you see something is completely messed up, don't panic. (Or leave and not come back.) Probably, I screwed something up while messing around with the template, so... just e-mail me to let me know, and I'll try to fix it.

And whatever you do - Get Firefox!!!