Sunday, July 16, 2006

Home Video: Rocket Aftermath

(Hat tip: Jameel) Jameel asked me to put this video up... I was talking to him on the phone a few minutes ago when the line cut off. (Not worried, everything was fine - I think his phone died or just lost service for a moment.)

I was just speaking with a friend of ours who was on a UJA/Jewish Agency trip. It seems that the rest of their trip has been cancelled, but the UJA is taking excellent care of them. They were in Nahariya over Shabbos, and are now in a small yishuv called Shechniya, near Carmiel. She said they heard plenty of rockets over the weekend and they did go to shelters Wed. night and Thu. morning, but thank God they're not feeling too worried about what's going on [in terms of "living in fear"]. Anyways, here's the video: