Monday, July 10, 2006

A Few Good Links

Steven I. over at Canonist:
How much should we trust these anonymous claims from an anonymous blogger like UOJ? Certainly not enough to warrant suspension pending an investigation.
I wrote before that UOJ can’t be given a whole lot of credit for earlier revelations, and I’ve seen nothing since then to make me rethink my original assessment. If UOJ wanted to do this well and responsibly, he’d make known who he is, his research methodologies, and his criteria for ascertaining the truth of a given claim. As it stands now, we can’t even be sure whether the e-mails he cites were all written by him, or by a single other individual, or by some random person with a grudge against Eisemann. And this is no one’s fault but UOJ’s, owing to his cowardice, laziness, incompetence, and overall disregard for the cause for which he’s ostensibly fighting.
Life-of-Rubin has the new (fake) Mac ads. Hilarious.

Krum discusses DovBear's favorite Haftorah.

Pearl has a Holocaust poem-in-progress...

Shoshana takes a path of her own.