Thursday, July 13, 2006

"You Must Be In Love With Occupation"

While most people know this already, it was very nice to see the Israeli Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman tell off the Palestinian one in an inpromptu run-in in the hallway of the United Nations. Here's their one-minute conversation via CNN: [emphasis mine]

"You are so in love with occupation that you, you cling to it even when we leave every single inch," Gillerman said.

In the middle of Gillerman's sentence, Mansour injected, "We hate occupation."

"You are not leaving us; I wish you'd leave us alone," Mansour said.

Gillerman told Mansour that the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza last year was "one of the most heart-wrenching acts by any Israeli leader."

"Why are the soldiers inside?" Mansour asked. "Leave us alone."

When Gillerman said Israel had left the Palestinians alone, Mansour disagreed.

But Gillerman responded: "Your own people, your government had two choices. Take care of its people or turn it into a terrorist. You chose the latter, and you're paying the price."

"No, that is not true," Mansour said.

"The problem is occupation," Mansour said. "Once occupation is completely out, then peace and freedom will prevail. Consider it seriously."

I think Israel already considered it seriously - so seriously, it removed all of its people from the land. Peace and freedom prevail?! It didn't exist in the slightest. No thanks, Mansour, I think we've given you enough chances.

You can watch the UN hallway fight here.