Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Enough is Enough


Enough is enough. There are updates all over the blogosphere about what's going on in Israel (better updates in the blogosphere than the news, which says something), so you can look around to find them. Meanwhile, I'm just going to quote David: [emphasis mine]

Lastly, after watching today's events unfold exactly as many of Israel's conservatives said they would... I feel compelled to respond to a question put to me by one of the more smug commenters a few days ago. He was responding to my statement that unilateral withdrawal under fire sends a message to Israel's enemies that terror is working and pushes the Arab electorate into the arms of those who advocate armed struggle over diplomatic solutions.

This smug young attorney said: "The "weakness in retreat" theory was also used to argue against leaving South Lebanon. Would you rather we stayed there? "

As much as I would love to simply answer yes and leave it at that... nothing is ever quite that simple here in the middle east.

Instead I'd like to temper my answer by saying that I don't think we should have stayed in Southern Lebanon forever. But, as much as it pains me to be proven right (again)... I feel that a unilateral withdrawal under fire does seem to have sent our enemies the worst possible message.

I think the time has come to make sure we send them the right one.

If that means turning the famed cedars of Lebanon into matchwood... so be it.

If that means setting Lebanon's electrical grid and physical infrastructure back to 1986... so be it.

If that means effecting regime change in Syria via f-16... so be it.

If that means destroying entire Iranian cities to force them to stop producing nuclear weapons they have promised to use to destroy us... so be it.*

If that means targeting terrorists who deliberately choose to operate out of Gaza apartment buildings... so be it.

If that means that the life of every Arab in the region is made so miserable that human rights organizations around the world scream in unison for Israel to stop... so be it.* They certainly don't scream when Israelis are killed, mained or kidnapped... so as far as I'm concerned, they can take their thinly veiled Jew hatred and throw a nice party over at the U.N.

It has finally come to the point where Israel has to make the stark choice of who will get to enjoy peace... our citizens or theirs.

I choose ours.


* I'd probably temper those two a bit. A very, very small bit.