Friday, July 28, 2006

Chasing Katyushas & Zionist Underwear

That was a title begging to be written. :)
Olah Chadasha (of FrenchHill) has a really great post on her new obsession with chasing Katyusha rockets, similar to her old one of chasing tornadoes. It's really a great read. She even has some video.

David (Treppenwitz), meanwhile, is part of a group of people who are delivering underwear et al to soldiers on the front, many of whom only have a few days' worth of... err... necessities. You can also help support soldiers in general there.

Chayyei Sarah found a really funny site - I was cracking up at a bunch of these.

Credit to Elder of Ziyon for raising $2,000 for Israel... half of it his. He's extended it, so if you want to give, he'll match some more.

He and Israel on Level Ground both report on the new Intel chip - from Israel.

EDIT: Forgot this good one by Orthonomics about wedding clothes. Another stupid Jewish "custom"... sigh.
Check it out.