Monday, July 24, 2006

The Most Important Slifkin Event In The Last Two Weeks

I'm sure Ezzie won't mind me posting this. Just a reminder to anyone in the Los Angeles area, and I know there are a couple of you out there, about the three part panel discussion:

A Torah and Science Panel Discussion

Rabbi Natan Slifkin
Famed author of several controversial books on Biblical Zoological, Torah and Science.

Rabbi Chaim Eisen
Gifted educator, author, and one of the most brilliant and creative minds in Jewish thought

Join us for an exciting three part series with two of the most brilliant and insightful minds in Torah and Science:

Monday July 31 at Beth Jacob - 7:30pm
Defining the roles and relationships of Torah and Science:
Does Intelligent Design Belong in the Classroom? Is Evolution Heresy?

Tuesday August 1 at Beth Jacob - 7:30pm
Seeking Scientific Truth in the Torah - or Not: Do We Believe the Torah or What Science Says About the Creation Account?

Saturday Night, Private Home TBA - 9:30pm
The Talmudists, the Halachists, and the Scientists: Is Jewish Law Based upon the Spurious Science or did Chazal know Quantum Mechanics

An OU West Coast Torah Convention Inspired Event