Sunday, July 30, 2006

Psalm in a Bog and Stupid People

(Hat tip: SIL)

WorldNetDaily has a very good article about the recent find of a Psalms from over 1,000 years ago to Psalm 83, which pleads for God to let Israel beat its enemies who wish its destruction. It's a worthwhile read, so check it out. It also points to a (Christian made, with music) video which is very well done, which uses images and the words for a nice little video.

As an aside, I saw in the article one of the dumbest comments I've probably ever read. I'm not one of those who jumps onto these kinds of stories and thinks, "Oh, wow, they found an old Psalms, that must mean Israel is going to win!" etc. It's very nice, and there's something to take from every story, but to me that is the extent of it. But the following comment was absolutely mind-boggling:
"For this to have been an act of God, God would have to have been all-knowing, foreseen this very conflict roughly 1,000 years before it occurred, foreseen the bog market, foreseen the use of power tools, foreseen the individual working the equipment and ensured this particular one was working that part of that bog that day, have created the book of its various parts (leather, the paper within) in the first place, have placed it in that place for 1,000 years of earthquakes and various other acts of God, foreseen the person who purchased the land would happen to be of the save artifacts mindset (not common among money-hungry landowners) and foreseen the need to it open to that page on that day. I don't know, seems all haphazard to me."
ARGH!! You... idiot!!! This is GOD we're talking about!! He "forsees" EVERYTHING! That's the *&%*&^ point! Sorry. I couldn't help but wonder at the brains behind that one... especially the "God would have had to been all-knowing." Umm, hello?!