Monday, July 31, 2006

Bloggers' Expertise - 9 Days Meme

Nephtuli tagged me with this one, and it's actually something I've thought about in the past, so here goes... I really liked Nephtuli's own list, too. All five were on the money, and I'd have probably done 1, 3, or 4 myself if he hadn't.

List 5 bloggers and in what subjects (or fields) you think they're especially knowledgeable.
CharlieHall - Presidential history (though not as good as James Taranto :) )
Orthonomics - Personal Finances
Judeopundit - Iran
David Kirschner - Wiretapping law (his series on the NSA taps will be going up soon at JAJC)
TorontoPearl - Children's books
I'm tagging the bloggers above except David, and instead tag David Linn and/or Mark Frenkel who host his [excellent] posts at BeyondBT.

Eh, screw that - whoever feels like doing it, should. Let's all heap praise upon one another (except on me - my expertise is football). It would be interesting to see what talents people think one another have, wouldn't it?