Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Grad Pic

I was just stealing some pictures off of my grandparents' camera, and I found this picture from my graduation. I've never seen myself in a cap and gown except for the paper ones I wore when I was about 3, so... cool! It's too bad you can't see my cap - on the top, with tape, I made a big enough smiley for the audience to enjoy (mature, I know!). Apparently many did, because about 10 different people came over to me afterwards:
"Hey, you're the one who had the smiley face? That was great!" "Kept me laughing through the speeches..." "Hey, thanks - that was really good..."
See, the people who write words don't realize that if you're more than 5 feet away, you can't actually see what it says. But a smiley face? Who can miss that?!

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