Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Israel Drops 23 Tons of Explosives on Hizbollah Leaders?

[cross-posted at Muqata]

Israel dropped 23 tons of explosives in one small section of Beirut earlier tonight. There are conflicting reports all over the place, but the basic gist seems to be the following:

Israel had intelligence they deemed good enough to bomb a building under which was a bunker that their intelligence said housed Hizbollah chief Nasrallah and many other Hizbollah leaders. There were drones around the area before, during, and after the attack. A large number of IAF planes were part of the attack, dropping 23 tons of explosives on the building. Hizbollah just now commented - many hours later - that it was a mosque under construction that was hit and nobody was hurt, while the IDF is trying to determine if the attack was successful. The attack was in Bourj al-Barajneh, which is a Hizbollah stronghold that Lebanese officials cannot access.

Israel also stated that its intelligence had deeply infiltrated Hizbollah.

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