Sunday, July 16, 2006

Al-Jazeera Busted for Helping Hezbollah, Other Media in the Media

As bloggers continue to completely out-cover the mainstream media with regards to what's going on in Israel... it's interesting to note how the coverage of the media is becoming a story.

Al-Jazeera had a news team get arrested for broadcasting footage of rocket attacks in Haifa - in direct defiance of military censors. The military does not allow broadcasts of the point of attack simply because it allows the terrorists to determine exactly where they are landing as compared to where they're sending them from, which allows them to make the next ones even more accurate. Thankfully, the military caught them, and they are now being detained. I hope they remain detained for the duration of conflict.

Carl in Jerusalem notes [and demolishes] the complaint of the Huffington Post that CNN is too - get this - "pro-Israel". This is so laughable as to be ignored, but let me just point out that (the supposedly right-wing biased news source) took well over 6 hours to report on the 8 people killed by rocket attacks in Haifa. Six hours! Meanwhile, they had a nice large picture and headline saying how over 100 people have been killed in Lebanon and "just" 15 in Israel. As if pure numbers tells the whole story. What blatant stupidity on the part of HP.

Meanwhile, while the world condemns Israel, AOL has a very unscientific poll asking whether people think Israel's bombing of Beirut is justified (with a number of pictures above it that should get people leaning one way - guess which). So far, not bad: 64% Yes, 26% No, 10% Unsure. I guess more people are getting their news from places other than the mainstream media - or simply taking it all with a grain of salt. Hurrah for the people.