Sunday, July 09, 2006

Rally for Gilad Shalit

I was asked to post this [thanks Michael], and am proud (and saddened) to do so:
Protest at the Syrian Mission: Tell Assad, "Free Gilad!"

IDF Cpl. Gilad Shalit, 19, continues to be held hostage by Hamas in Gaza. The order to kidnap him came from Damascus, and the order to free him must come from there too. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad plays a critical role in this hostage crisis, since Hamas leader Khalid Meshaal operates in Syria under his protection, as do other terrorist organizations.

We urge you to join in demanding that Cpl. Shalit be freed immediately and unconditionally, and to protest the murder of Eliyahu Asheri, at a demonstration in front of the Syrian Mission to the United Nations, Monday, July 10 at 12PM. The protest will feature public officials and will be covered by the press. We urge all to attend.
May he be redeemed safely and in health, along with all those who help to bring him home.

There was also an attached flyer, but I am not sure how to attach files... anybody know if there's a way?