Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 7/12/2006: Comment Masters

Whew! Comments, comments, everywhere... especially (as usual) to my guest posters, who always draw far more comments than I do - a trend which may or may not reflect well on my own posts [either they're too solid to get the flame-throwers, or too boring to attract attention]. For instance, a post of mine about Kollel has slowly hit 40 comments, while a rant from MordyS has quickly grabbed 37. Meanwhile, travelling blogger Jameel is still facing Jerusalem, and while he hasn't posted here recently he has posted at DovBear and at his own Muqata - somehow getting 400 & 300 comments, respectively. (Of course, he held everyone at gunpoint to join the latter, so I don't know if that counts - and then he got himself locked out by Blogger.) So why am I pointing all of these out? Because the discussions within those comments sections are actually pretty decent in some spots, and they're quick reads.

*Most Enjoyable Blog from the First Moment*
Kasamba's. Trust me.
*Worst Editorial of the Day*
Judeopundit points it out. Wow. If it weren't the Seattle P-I, I'd be blown away.
*Best Video of the Day*
Jack's got it (shocker). Beats Robbie at Camp.
Wow. Check out this story on Shiloh Musings...
There was general hysteria and shock, and people didn’t know what to do. Nobody had weapons. The driver’s seat was empty, the bus stopped, and it was only then that I realized that it might be our bus driver being attacked out there and that other attackers might try to get onto the bus (the door was open), so I stood in the front, ready to try to stop anyone I could.

The driver returned, covered with blood and disoriented, in shock. The tractor driver tried to get on the bus but the driver slammed the door just in time – it was a miracle. Several people had already called the police, and the attacker left. We didn’t see where he went, but I was afraid he might have gone to get more people...
Read the whole thing.

Shifra reminds us to Do Good. Something we could all use...

Olah Yahshan links to an excellent piece by Jonathan Shalit in the Daily Mail regarding what's going on in Israel. It's worth noting that of the 13 comments, 9 are very strongly in Israel's favor, while 4 are strongly against. Read all 13 - notice the difference in tone, logic, point, etc. It's astounding. Meanwhile, an excerpt:

Why do 'terrorists' bomb innocent civilians in London but 'militants' bomb innocent civilians in Tel Aviv?

In 2003 the Associated Press, one of the most influential news services in the world, published a list of 15 terrorist incidents during a five-year period between August 1998 and August 2003.

In that same time, more than 800 Israelis were murdered in terrorist attacks, but not one of the incidents in Israel made the list. Why?

JoeSettler and Robert Avrech are rightly outraged over the arrest of a member of Honenu, a civil rights group in Israel which defends those who were wrongly arrested. Joe has the story; Robert has a separate, telling story of the double standard that exists.

Shoshana asks if BT's should be trying to be mekarev their family.

HappyWithHisLot has a great post on the tales that are sometimes told in Jewish circles. Excerpt:
Q. It's said that Rav Yisroel Salanter told merchants to carry their keys in an unusual way and thereby made the point that it was Shabbos and they eventually closed completely.

A. It never happened!

Q. But it's written . . .

A. So what if it's written? Does that mean that it happened? You should realize that most things are not true. It should be assumed that most stories are untrue unless proven otherwise.

This is from the Charedi GODOL HADOR.
Irina tells us why she's going to be a lawyer. Strong.

Daled Amos has a dozen good links, Life-of-Rubin half. TownCrier has a ton.

R' Fleischmann seems to be hanging it up. JewishBlogMeister seems to not be, despite recent tragedies.

SoccerDad has Military Monday 7.

A soldier in the army must sacrifice his or her own time - hours, days, months and even years - to the mission of the army.

I was reminded of this when I recently saw an item about a blogger I had followed in the past at the Muqata. When I last followed the Patriette she was preparing for her wedding.

Now, not only is she married, but she is now a mother too. Yesterday was their anniversary. The Patriette writes:

Today is our first wedding anniversary. It was one year ago today that Josh and I were married. It's been a crazy year. We went from our wedding in July to our honeymoon in August to coming home then saying goodbye in September as Josh left Minnesota to join his National Guard unit in Mississippi. The day after he left, I confirmed that I was pregnant. I got to see him again for two weeks in December. Josh has been in Iraq since February or so. Amy was born in May. After adding it up, I estimate that Josh and I have spent about 6 weeks together all year.

We look forward to the day when father can finally meet his adorable daughter, in person.


EoZ notes that the Red Cross is silent on Shalit... and new members, the MDA, are asking what's up.

Chana blows up at the old-age home while visiting Grandma. Funny/sad/bit of everything.

Harry has a fascinating post on the gay pride parade - especially this part:
“The Edah Haredit's rabbinic court has issued several notices or pashkevilim calling to "do everything in your power" to stop the Gay March. However, Sternbuch denied that this implied the use of violence. Often, the wording of the pashkevilim is not done by the rabbis. Rather they sign a general statement which is later expanded into a detailed notice by aides or functionaries, explained an Edah Haredit source.”

This is quite a telling statement. The fact that general statements are not clarified as this one wasn’t is a big problem to many innocent people, and has caused much damage. People who think they understand what a rabbinic leader wants then go and write up a Pashkevil (billboard poster) in their own words end up embellishing those words givng them meaning far beyond the original intent of the rabbinic leaders. Without clarity things can and do get out of hand and they often do.
Without clarity... words to remember. Enjoy all the posts.


  1. Held at gunpoint??

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  5. Yeah, Kasamba rocks! :)

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