Wednesday, July 26, 2006

On This Day in History...

I was born. 23 years ago today, as a matter of fact. Happy Birthday to me! :)

Unfortunately, aside from it falling out on the most somber Rosh Chodesh of them all [today is the first day of the Jewish month of Av, and the beginning of a 9-day more serious form of mourning], I also am about to head to the doctor to have my throat checked. It basically feels completely tight and/or swollen at the same time, and it kills me to swallow; it feels like the right side of my throat is clogged all the way to the ear, while the left is only a little bit tight. I haven't had a cold or anything like that recently, and I don't know what strep feels like because I've never had it (thank God). Hopefully it's nothing and will go away; an Allegra did nothing, so it's not that.

The good news is that aside from that, I feel fine. No headache, nausea, anything like that. I rarely get sick, but I used to get frequent migraines; since I went to Israel, however, those have been very infrequent. So, hopefully this will pass quickly, and I can enjoy my birthday.

My brother OD, who was born exactly 8-1/2 years before me on a Jan. 26th, called today. I think this happens every year: We're talking for a few minutes (mostly about Israel :( ), and then I hear him say "today is the 26th? Not the 25th?... Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you..." Perhaps this explains his chronic lateness. He's always a day or so behind. :)

UPDATE: Well, the doc says no strep, just viral. In a way, that's better, but there's no antibiotics, which means I just have to wait it out. It's a bit better than this morning - I can eat, at least. Thanks to all!