Monday, July 03, 2006

Ima's Tips & Other Help

Someone e-mailed me about a new website which I found intriguing, and I asked her to write a short blurb about the site. This is what she wrote:
Years ago, I read a book called "I Heard it Through the Playground". It was an interesting parenting book - a collection of tried-and-tested tips submitted by many different parents, organized by topic. The concept was appealing, but the content was barely relevant to me. I was beyond the need for advice about feeding a baby or treating diaper rash.

But I would really appreciate tips on matters that come up in our families, but would never be found in a standard parenting book: How do you handle a "late Shabbos"? How can I juggle the demands of a large family? What advice can you give me to keep my young children safe while the menorah is lit?

That is the goal of Ima's Tips,
which is being used to collect practical advice from online "Ima"s.

What works for you? What tips can you pass on to other busy Imas? If you have a suggestion, please send it to to post it.
On a different but similar note, Shoshana Siegelman wrote an interesting post on peer counseling at BeyondBT. It's worth checking out.