Thursday, July 06, 2006

Voting on the Issues

(via Althouse)

John Kerry continues to amaze me. In a statement explaining why he is not giving outright support to CT Senator Joe Lieberman, his spokesperson explained:
Brundage said that this year, Kerry is endorsing only candidates in contested primaries who are veterans.

``Since Kerry has made his personal mission for 2006 electing veterans to the House and Senate, he's likewise only taken sides in Democratic primaries to back candidates who are veterans," she said. ``Connecticut will choose the Democratic Senate nominee, and John Kerry will support him."
Huh? Forget the issues, as long as they are veterans they get his support, and if not, they don't? I understand, though I disagree with, one-issue voters who decide who they will or will not support based solely on one issue (national defense, abortion, gay marriage, Israel, economy). But "being a veteran"?! Why should that be the primary reasoning behind whether or not someone supports a candidate?

Well, on the other hand, if I'm Joe Lieberman, I'm probably pretty happy to not be getting John Kerry's support.