Friday, July 06, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup 7/6 & Quote of the Day

IPayTooMuchForMyHair, remarking on the Good Humor ice cream bar (Chocolate Eclair) I was eating:
"I know that if I liked those, I'd like that."
Ah, gotta love it. This, on the same day she locked the keys to her car in her own trunk. Say hello, people...

  • Chana: On Honesty, following up on her previous post Templars, which I really think may be the best post of the year.
  • Shoshana: Hindsight - a great post after reading Chana's Templars.
  • Jameel: Appreciating... America?
  • MiI points to a new blog called Shalom Bayit. Its mission:
    This blog was inspired by some comments on Babylox. Many women in the Orthodox community suffering through difficult marriages lack an outlet to discuss their challenges. The purpose of this blog will be to give these women a home for them to share their stories and get "chizuk" (strength) from one another.
  • via SoccerDad, this is an important post which shows what we're fighting against - and for - by independent journalist Michael Yon from Iraq. WARNING: Very gruesome pictures.
Have a wonderful Shabbos!