Friday, July 27, 2007


From Serach:
Funny Elianna story: She came into the kitchen, and usually, when she opens cabinets, I tell her no. But the Tupperware cabinet we designated for her. She walked over to it, started taking things out, then looked up at me and shook her finger back and forth as if to say no - that she knew she shouldn't open it. I said "Lo Elianna, zeh bishvilech" [No Elianna, that one's for you], and she smiled and happilly started pulling out the remnants from the cabinent!
On another note, Elianna is WALKING! :)


  1. why do you speak to her in hebrew?

  2. Irina - Umm, camera, remember? ;)

    Rea - Eh. You mostly drive. And you walk so SLOWLY to the park...

    NYF - So she'll know both. Very advantageous in school in general, and we'd like to make aliyah at some point.

  3. Thanks again, guys! I don't think my kids are going to stop talking about "cute baby Elianna" for a looong time! Someone's got to tell Andy that she's not much more of a baby than he is!

    And I'll trade Serach the dentist's phone # for the sushi salad recipe :) though I guess I get the better end of the bargain on that one!

  4. Oh wow, she's walking? Time to *really* babyproof the house now! Mazal tov! :)

    And that girl is just so cute, I'm really gonna have to meet her before she gets much bigger!