Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Swinging to Freedom

I really liked this post by JustStam:
As the storm clouds rolled in, threatening the Independence Day celebrations, the fireworks continued to shower the sky with determination. I slumped down onto one of the playground swings, slowly rocking back and forth. Then I started to pick up speed. Pretty soon I was among the fireworks themselves, bursting forth through the darkness with great steadfastness. As I rose higher and higher I remembered what it was like to be a young kid, carefree with wild abandon.

Suddenly nothing mattered. What school I went to, credit card payments, seminaries, my GPA, or what socks I had on. The latest styles, who officiated at my great-grandparents wedding, cell phone payments, or what color tablecloth we use. When my car needs its next oil change, first phone calls, or when my paycheck is coming. As I soared higher and higher I even forgot to care that the playground was full of community members.

Freedom of all worries, competition, care, and angst.
Now that is true independence.
Happy 4th.
Amen. Have a wonderful July 4th, everybody. We'll be hosting OD, SIL, and their kids the -ens along with my grandparents, who celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary yesterday.


  1. I read that one! (See, I told you if you added something sparkly, I would read it ;)

  2. Mazal Tov to your grandparents - that's AWESOME!

    And happy 4th of JUly! ; )

  3. flattery that ezzie posted something of mine on his site aside,
    noone else liked it - so u can take it down now :)