Monday, July 30, 2007

Hot House

I was sent this a while ago, but forgot to put it up at the time; it's still just as important, however, so please take a moment to read it.
Dear friends,

Today's New York Times carries a review of a film called "Hot House" that goes inside Israeli prisons and examines the lives of Palestinian prisoners. We're not recommending the film or the review. But we do want to share our feelings with you about the beaming female face that adorns the article. You can see it here. The film is produced by HBO. So it's presumably HBO's publicity department that was responsible for creating and distributing a glamor-style photograph of a smiling, contented-looking young woman in her twenties to promote the movie. That female is our child's murderer. She was sentenced to sixteen life sentences or 320 years which she is serving in an Israeli jail. Fifteen people were killed and more than a hundred maimed and injured by the actions of this attractive person and her associates. The background is here.

Neither the New York Times nor HBO are likely to give even a moment's attention to the victims of the barbarians who destroyed the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem and the lives of so many victims. So we would be grateful if you would pass along this link to some pictures of our daughter whose name was Malki. She was unable to reach her twenties - Hamas saw to that. Though she was only fifteen years old when her life was stolen from her and from us, we think Malki was a beautiful young woman, living a beautiful life. We ask your help so that other people - far fewer than the number who will see the New York Times, of course - can know about her. Please ask your friends to look at the pictures - some of the very few we have - of our murdered daughter.

They are at:

And remind them of what the woman in the Israeli prison - the woman smiling so happily in the New York Times - said last year. "I'm not sorry for what I did. We'll become free from the occupation and then I will be free from prison."

With so many voices demanding that Israel release its terrorist prisoners, small wonder she's smiling.

With greetings from Jerusalem ,
Frimet and Arnold Roth
On behalf of Keren Malki


  1. When I saw the title I thought you were talking about Elianna's room!

  2. I posted a bit on this here

  3. From the HBO website:

    "The cold-blooded testimony of a female Hamas leader, proudly serving 16 life sentences for blowing up a pizzeria in Jerusalem, is perhaps the most chilling."

    Presumably, the passage is referring to the woman in the picture. It doesn't look like HBO is trying to sugarcoat this, but it's hard to tell without actually watching the film.

  4. Anonymous is correct. It appears that HBO and the filmmaker didn't sugarcoat this. (Of course one could ask why they felt the need to give these people a voice.) It's the NYT that totally trivialized it. It doesn't even explicitly say the nature of her crime.

  5. Yeah, I saw this email. I think it's so disingenuous to show this smiling, happy photograph before the article, but then again, I guess it'd be just as bad if they had a picture of her covered in blood and snarling.

    Guess it comes down to a matter of how sensitive they are.

  6. Anon, SD - Yes, I'm guessing it's the Times that trivialized it. You wouldn't get any of that info from the Times piece.

    Chana - Of course. But those aren't the only choices. They could simply note that she helped murder this many people in this attack. That's pretty important.

  7. Prison terms of any length are too good for these murderers, especially since the slightest pressure makes the Israeli "government" release them.

  8. You don't have to guess about the Times, I demonstrated it