Monday, July 30, 2007

Stam a Loser

I lost a bet with Ezzie, and the consequence was that i had to post something... This is all i've got for now...
Here ye, here ye, let it be known that July 29th, the eve of Tu B'av shall hereby be known as "Stam Runs into Ex-Dates Day". Oreos, Shtreimels, and cookies with sprinkles, all are welcome to attend! Feel free to surprise Stam in the most random locations - repeat performances encouraged! Forget dancing in the vineyards, why not rendezvous locally? Leave Stam cowering in the art supplies aisle, watch her change direction and dash up a staircase.... No appointments necessary!

Seriously, did someone publicize a list of locations that i was planning to visit today? Is my car bugged? Even i had no idea what to do all day, and I ended up in random places....
Off to find my white dress....


  1. ...respectfully requests not to be referred to as Shtreimel.

    Full comment later,


  2. That is SO awkward! I like your description, though - it made me laugh.

  3. Oysh. That's gotta make for a crazy (and uncomfortable) day! At least you can laugh at it, though...

  4. Apple, ah, you laugh, but i hide. :) thanks though :)

    Scraps, pretty used to it by now, but yesterday was quite the overdose...

    Swiss, i cant stop laughing long enough to think of anything that can possibly top that.

  5. what was the bet?

  6. Truth be told this has always confused me.
    Unless "things" ended on a bad note why should there be any need to avoid. I'm not saying to go out of the way and make contact, but a simple wave or nod of the head (dare I say hello...oh, I dare), certainly no need to "hide" or "dash".

    Is this a girl thing?

  7. Swiss,

    I have no problem saying hello, but don't know how awkward things are on the other end.... One of the other "run ins" of the day and i exchanged pleasantries without turning into toads.

    i guess it's more the shock of running into someone unexpectedly and out of context...(more than once...)it's like seeing your teacher in the grocery store or something...

  8. You go to B&N, you get what you ask for ;)

  9. cute pleats, but didn't run into anyone there this week :)