Thursday, July 12, 2007

Quotes of the Day II

Gotta love iPayTooMuchForMyHair, this time from a conversation about stereotyped shady Jewish guys in the finance industry [slick hair, monogrammed shirts, skinny...]:
iPay: ...different is cool!!

Ez: Different is NOT always cool.

iPay: Different in cool ways is cool!

[pause while I just stare, she laughs]

iPay: I really need to stop talking, I just keep giving you things to put up on the blog.
And of course, good old FFW, upon seeing my status message saying I'm actually doing work today:
FFW: You and work don't belong in the same sentence!

(Quickly followed by, after slow responses to her IMs:) Uch, you're not talking to me. You're boring. I'm calling your wife.
Just another day at the office...


  1. I am honored to have been the inspiration behind all of your "Quote(s) of the Day". I hope that my lack of sleep will provide you with more post-able material in the future. Amen.

  2. LOL! I love how this blog always gives me reading material when I'm bored at work...

  3. someday it'll be me up there.....

  4. ipaytoomuch: i'm with you. different IS cool!