Thursday, July 26, 2007

Actions vs. Thoughts

I left a comment yesterday on Jewish Atheist that I probably should have thought through better, but regardless:
I care FAR more about how people practice than what their motives are, so long as those motives will not be affecting me at any point.
I'm wondering how true it is, but Cara (thanks Shoshana, SaraK) has a wonderful post that really asks the question a lot better as she does a little self-introspection. Excerpt:
Why do I bring this up? Because, for the past month or so, I've found myself really questioning why I do what I do. Why I live my life this way. Don't worry, I'm not falling off the derech. Just taking a close look at who I am right now. For example, do I only wear skirts because I truly believe that wearing pants is beged ish, and not tznius? Or do I only wear skirts because I'm used to it and would feel awkward going outside in pants? Or do I only wear skirts because it's what people expect of me? The act remains consistent- I only wear skirts. But the motivation is so very different. I'm trying to figure out what motivates me right now, in this current phase of my life. If I'm doing what, according to some, is the right act but for the wrong reasons, is that enough?

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  1. I think as we practice what we do, we should learn why we do it so it has more meaning and helps us stay commited to it.