Saturday, July 21, 2007

Something worth coming out from under my rock for...

Expect a thorough response to this asap.


  1. I'm only through the first page so far, but woah. Interesting.

    And welcome back. :)

  2. Dude, that was fascinating. Thanks.

  3. Thank you for pointing me to this article. My response here.

  4. I'm confused. He states:

    "Since the birth of modern Orthodox Judaism in 19th-century Germany, a central goal of the movement has been to normalize the observance of traditional Jewish law — to make it possible to follow all 613 biblical commandments assiduously while still participating in the reality of the modern world. You must strive to be, as a poet of the time put it, “a Jew in the home and a man in the street.”

    If he knows this to be the reality (for better or worse), then what is the point of the piece?

  5. g, that's like the tip of the iceberg with this guy.

  6. G - I just think it's clear he missed the point from the last paragraph.