Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The BY Swim Cheer

This is the cheer my 7-year old niece, who is attending Bais Yaakov camp this summer, gleefully sang to me on Friday:
I was down by the river - Yeah, Yeah!
And I started to drown - Chas V'Shalom!
When I saw bunk X - Oh, Gevaldik!
I just couldn't go down - Baruch Hashem!
I think it's an instant classic. Who comes up with this stuff?!


  1. you've gotta be creative when making up cheers when it's an all girls school.

  2. Yeah, creative, that's what I call those cheers ;P

  3. fiiiiive bliiiind jellyfishes
    fiiiiive bliiiind jellyfishes
    sitting on a rock - whoooo!
    sitting on a rock - whoooo!
    oooonnneee feeeeelll off
    awwww, poor shuggabugga!!!

    foouuuurr bliiiiindd...

  4. Hey, don't knock Camp BY! My mom is the head honcho over there :) She sends me pics every week but I don't think I spotted Shoshana or Dassi, I'll have to look more carefully. But that cheer is kinda weird. I don't think we had cheers like that in the 18 years I went there.

  5. oy. we make her sing it over and over and over again.

  6. Sarah, Shoshana - :P

    DAG - Haha!

    A^2 - That's... troubling.

    SaraK - Is she?! Haha! Yeah, I guess you'll have to look more carefully for them. They're the supercute ones. :)

    The cheer is more than troubling.

    SJ - :)

    Aviva - LOL. It's so cute hearing her sing it, no clue what she's saying...

  7. Ezzie: I beg to differ, Sara: when viewing Camp BY pics, the "super cute" ones are Gila and Daniella.

  8. BubbyT, I did spot Gila & Daniella in some pics :) But I beg to differ with both you & Ezzie, the super cute ones are Sara & Meira :D and because their Savti is the director of the camp, they win hands down

  9. Wow, this is one great cheer - whoever made this one up has a real future as a cynical blogger. So talented and sarcastic at the tender age of 16.

  10. I do remember that cheer from camp but without all the baruch hashem's and gevaldigs thrown in...

  11. hey - i remember singing than in camp bnos!