Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ode to a Princess & Cookies

We owe a HUGE thank you to our friend, and this week's birthday girl, Princess D'Tiara. She was eating here last Shabbos when Serach mentioned that she had to take Elianna to a pediatric specialist in the city today. She offers to drive Serach to the city early for this 11:00 appointment, which is not only a huge hassle, but obviously going to hit a ton of traffic.

Today, she drove them to the specialist, picking her up early at 9:45, then offered to stay until the appointment was finished to drive them back - even though it wasn't going to be a short appointment. And then things got very, very annoying. Serach and Elianna were waiting in the doctor's office for over an hour and a half, despite being there fifteen minutes early. Finally, they get let into the doctor's office at about 12:30, where she waits a while. Elianna has already fallen asleep at this point, she's so tired. The doctor finally walks in for a minute... then walks out, saying he'll be right back. He doesn't return for over 30 minutes (Serach was none too pleased), then they had to take and wait for X-rays... and then finally, were ready to go at 2:45 - and, despite constant suggestions by Serach that she should go home, Princess D was still waiting outside.

She'd moved her car three times. She'd gotten bagels, gone shopping, gotten a milkshake, and then finally sat in the car. She spent almost 6 hours of her day, just doing us a (huge) favor. So thank you very much, and have a wonderfully happy birthday, Princess D!!

On a completely separate note, what kind of cookie are you? G gave his answer in the comments to this post, which has led to a hilarious series of exchanges. They're all about cookies, of course. I've decided after little deliberation and without much knowledge of cookies that I'm a big colored sprinkle cookie.


  1. "without much knowledge of cookies"

    All those years of education and no attention payed to the important subjects.

  2. Oatmeal chocolate chip. I don't know why, but it feels right!

  3. Soft, chewy M&M chocolate chip. Classic, but colorful. Normal, but with a twist.

  4. firstly, happy birthday to princess d'tiara.

    secondly, i've been thinking about cookies half the day and decided that i'd be a white chocolate chunk, macadamia and raspberry cookie and/or passionfruit vanilla cookie (recipe in one of the kosher cooking carnivals.) all homemade of course, none of that packet stuff.

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  6. G - I paid attention, but I ate them really fast without paying "close" attention. It was yummier that way.

    Irina - Heh. For some reason, that sounds right...

    SJ - LOL. Now *that* is perfect.

    ~Sarah~ - I don't even know what that is...! :P

    Stam - Oh sha!

  7. just so that everyone knows how even more amazing princess t is; i saw her at the doctors office also last week when she went with another friend to take her newborn and older son to the doctor!! im not really sure why i was at the pediatricians bc im 20 but thats another issue all in itself -i think ill stay till they kick me out!

    oo and ezzie i just saw ur pic in the jewish press- very nice :)

  8. Chinese cookies (the marble with the chocolate in the middle). had to post 2 reasons why- though the cookie is soft and flexible, you get to the chocolate middle and realize there is substance.
    also people say i look a bit Chinese, and you may start the cookie and not think there is much to it, but once you get to the middle you realize its amazing and well worth it.

  9. C! - See!? She's amazin'!

    LOL. Serach's almost 24 and sees the same doctor as Elianna.

  10. I think I'd be angel my dreams.

    Princess sounds more like the angel!

  11. I saw my pedeatrician until last year. The rule is as long as youre under your parents insurance and still in college, you can come see the pediatrician. Best part was getting the sticker and lollypop at the end!
    If I were a cookie I would be an Artichoke Spinach filled cookie, so that people would just stay the hell away from me.

  12. shoshana: i only heard about that type of cookie when i was in LA recently... all thanks to Ser&Ez's cousin of course. It's a fun word to say anyway. snickerdoodle.