Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Now this is FUN

I have recently succumbed to my parent's constant badgering and decided to speak to shadchanim*. There will, after all, be no knight in shining armor on a white horse. (But there's still room for hoping!) I recently received an email from the seminary I attended in Israel saying that they would like to "help alleviate some of the shidduch* crisis" so they have hired a woman full time to make shidduchim* and have married almunus in America be her little elves in helping her execute the job. I got to the question in their little questionnaire asking me to decribe my hashkafa*. I thought to myself, what in the world can I say that won't make them cry for me and begin tehillim* sessions right away. I am not saying I am "off the derech*" (G-d forbid), but in the eyes of my seminary I am certainly not looking for the "right" kind of guy. Is it so bad to want someone to make their own money and not learn full time and drain our parents of whatever padding they have in their bank accounts? Why can't I want my husband to have color in his wardrobe and not look like a oreo cookie? Perhaps the springtime oreos or the halloween oreos, but for sure not the classic cookie!

But like I have said before, I do not beat around the bush. I will write it like it is and not be ashamed that I didn't become a cookie cutter product of my
Bais Yaakov schooling. Things like this questionnaire will always be necessary in this ridiculous world of shidduchim we single gals suffer through. But in my eyes, it is just another item to scratch off my list of hishtadlus* in my search for Mr. Right.

* Definitions:
Shadchanim/Shidduchim - Matchmakers/Matchmaking
Hashkafa - Religious outlooks and beliefs
Tehillim - Psalms
Derech - the so-called "straight and narrow" path
Hishtadlus - necessary effort